eGen Technologies is an e-learning venture specializing in ‘instructional design, performance, technologies, e-Learning, courseware, and simulation design’. (eGen, 2011). The differentiator for this venture appears to be a strong focus on employee user experience using an interactive learning design process which the founders have designed.

There are two leaders in this venture, Nick Zap, CEO, and Jillianne Code, COO. Both are working through their doctoral programs in Educational Psychology at Simon Fraser University. They also both previously worked at Montage Studios Inc., a digital media firm which demonstrates a history of experience in the field as well as a risk taking personality required to go beyond working for another firm to pursue their degrees in conjunction with initiating their own start-up venture.

Jillianne Code

The leader that I focussed on to profile is Jillianne Code.

Jillianne Code is an educator and an innovator with a strong history of R&D that intersects educational psychology and technology. Evidence of her innovate mind can be found in publishings in Electronic Gaming, Social Computing, and virtual communities as well as many other related areas with her most recent crown being the Outstanding Paper Award (2011) at the Association for the Advancement of Computing Education.

There is no information on the corporate website about a board of advisors or investors; however, the amount of writing and presenting that Jullianne is doing in the industry is evidence of a strong network and support system. Jillianne clearly shows shows that she has the commitment to networking necessary for a successful entrepreneur.


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