BrainPOP: Interesting beginnings

BrainPOP is the idea of Dr. Avraham Kadar a pediatrician and immunologist.  This venture began as a way for Dr. Kadar to explain difficult medical concepts to children and expanded to various parts of K-13 Curriculum including ESL. BrainPOP includes a variety of movies about a particular topic with interactive quizzes and activities to reinforce the information in the video.  The studies (by BrainPOP (so take with a grain of salt) shows that students learn much better using BrainPOPs videos and interactive quizzes. 

            Dr. Kadar’s motivation to create this company- explaining difficult information to children is the breeding ground for a great venture. I have never encountered information like this for children to understand medical concepts.  This seems to be particularly helpful for children and their siblings with life altering diseases like cancer.  It is both fun and interesting.  His expansion to the regular school curriculum might not have been the best choice, as the market seems saturated with fun activities for children.  The first part of the motivation of his ideas seems original but not his emergence on the field of k-12 education. 

            The BrainPOP team consists of twenty-two various “advisors.” There are advisors for Math, Science, English, Social Sciences, Phycology, Health, Writing, Music, Art, Special Education, and Technology.  The team seems very well rounded with people assessing all areas of the spectrum. The BrainPOP board consists of a similar number of people as the advisory board with positions ranging from CEO to District Relations.  Dr. Kadar began as a CEO but has been replaced by Nadav Kadar (a possible relative) and the vice president of the company being Maya Kadar.

            This company seems to be well represented and has an interesting product.  While I feel that BrainPOP is an interesting tool for physicians I do not feel that it will make a big impact in the classroom.  It is an interesting resource to use but nothing more than that.

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