Pixton Pixton is a tool that capitalizes…


Pixton is a tool that capitalizes on the capabilities of the web and its users to create, remix, and reuse one another’s creations.  The primary function is for a simple-to-use web-based comic creator that ‘gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the web’.  The value of this product is reflected in the collaborative, easy-to-use alternative to online visual creations.  It appeals to a great number of people in both possibilities (it has been a required assignment in two of my UBC courses) and entertainment value.

Pixton is created by Clive Goodinson with his co-founder wife Daina Goodinson.  This is an ideal partnership both personally and professionally as while Clive provides the technical development focus and idea, Daina has been key in the implementation and management of this idea to product.  Clive is a UBC graduate (!!!) with an M.Sc. . He is descrived as a seasoned entrepreneur and has over ten years experience in the field.  Daina focuses on business development.  Also a UBC graduate, she has experience in design and office management which practically compliments Clive.














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