Dr. Elliot Soloway

 Dr. Cathleen Norris



GoKnow Inc. was founded in 2001 by Drs. Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris, both of whom are considered leaders in the fields of education and technology. GoKnow offers curriculum applications for computers and handheld technology including advanced mobile learning environments with the aim of increasing student engagement within the classroom. Benefits include: High Test Scores, More Parent Involvement, Differentiated Lessons, One-to-One Learning,  Affordable Implementation, Safe Connectivity-Everywhere, Leadership Development and 21st Century Learning



Founders and Leaders

Dr. Soloway has over 29 years expereience in the fields of education and information technology, and is currently on staff at the University of Michigan where he holds appointments within the schools of Education, Engineering, and Information. He holds both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer and Information Science.

Dr. Cathleen Norris spent 14 years as a high school mathematics and computer science teacher and is past president of the International Society for Technology in Education. She was also president of the National Educational Computing Association for five years. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is a professor at the University of North Texas in the Department of Technology and Cognition.


There is no information on board members. However, Drs. Soloway and Norris work with a team of industry experts as well as partner with well-established wireless and technology providers, with stable platforms and provision services: Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Palm, Inc. to offer diverse products and services to a wide client base.

Drs. Soloway and Norris both have a number of board affiliations and are connected with a number of key players in the industry.


Products and Services

Goknow, Inc. provides curriculum and educational tools for handheld computers for classrooms, schools, and districts.

There are a number of similar private companies: Mindlance, Inc.,  Huddler Inc,  Ntiva, Inc. Xpoint Technologies, Inc., Avion Systems, Inc..However, GoKnow’s venture and original value proposition seems to lie in its offer of mobile technology applications and a mobile learning environment, technology relevant to and liked by students, for use within the classroom in a structured and safe and secure environment. For example, completing projects using mobiles, working with learning construction tools (concept maps and KWL charts), and a host of other applications and tools.

GoKnow also offers consulting services: strategic planning support, assistance with grant proposals, training workshops for educators and administrators, and customized educational software development, to a diverse client group: corporations, professional organizations, educational initiatives, school districts, and individual schools.


Personal Reflection

It would appear that I have attributes for entreprenuership. However, time, experience, credibility, network and partnerships are essential for success. I would be lacking in these areas and would therefore have to invest insatisfying these areas. At this stage I would perhaps be more like the Bill Gates of the Mark Zuckeberg with little experience (in comparison to a Soloway and Norris) but with the passion, ideas and innovation and hopefully the success. Clearly a strong advisory board/partnerships would be essential for success and investment.

As mentioned in our course discussion not all ventures grow with their founders. Soloway and Norris have achieved success in this and not surprisingly so from their areas of expertise and initial focus on research and development and constant growth and innovation (came into being after 10 years and $20 million in research and development). However, after this exercise I also see that one does not have to stay with the venture but an exit strategy is essential. 


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