How the Kobo has enhanced my desire to read

Have eBooks enhanced your experience with reading?

I graduated from university 2 years ago, and like many have stated, we read so many papers, articles, books and textbooks during these years that reading for “joy” no longer had a place in my life. Every time I would sit down to read I would remember something more “important” I had to do; reading for fun, just seemed like a waste of time to me. Even during my break from from university until now, I had a hard time reading. My mind couldn’t focus and I always felt like I had something better to do. That was until I purchased my first eReader. The Kobo. After downloading several books, I was hooked. I can’t seem to put it down. I read absolutely everywhere! Trains, car rides, hockey arena (don’t tell my fiance” and even at the gym! It almost feels like my stress¬†reliever from my 3 MET classes. I just get so focused on the book and trying to finish it, so I can read something new!

I would definitely recommend the Kobo to anyone who is interested. I did a little research before buying and found for my price range and interests, the Kobo was my best choice. However, after reading through the other post, I am definitely interested in buying an Ipad!!



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