still using trees

I have yet to purchase an eReader, and am still a paper book devotee. Part of the reason I enjoy paper books is that I enjoy the process of browsing bookstores and libraries, and that’s usually where I’m inspired to buy or borrow.

When I first got my iPhone, I downloaded a few free e-books and attempted to read them on the bus to work, but that didn’t last long. I realize that e-readers like the Kindle offer a much better reading experience than the iPhone, and I can see the advantage of being able to transport numerous books in one tiny tool (and would love to have all my MET articles loaded on one device).

However, when I’m studying the process of underlining, highlighting or making notes in the margin helps me to stay focused on the text and make the most useful content easily accessible when I need it. I’m not sure if the annotation tools in some of the eReaders would work as effectively for me – I guess I’ll need to try it out!

For business opportunities, I can see how publishers could offer schools ‘affordable’ upgrades to get the latest edition, and this could easily be an annual source of income. It would also be possible to offer customizable textbooks, so that people selected the chapters and topics that were most relevant to them, or license outside articles for additional fees. There are also so many possibilities around connecting audio and video, and different pricing structures could be used for different options. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the years to come.

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