The 4 broad functions (Classroom Managem…

The 4 broad functions (Classroom Management, Collaboration, Discussions, Student e-portfolios) of blogs mentioned in group 2’s blog are clearly represented within the ETEC course blogs. I find that within this course ETEC 522, these 4 broad functions are iterative. Getting most of my blogging experience from ETEC, my educational use of blogs have been mostly as eportfolio.

However, it allows me to reflect on courses as I take them and after the fact. I like to review them and determine things I may have done better or different.

I enjoy being in edit mode. The dashboard is my landing pad and I like the features there. I find that it makes me feel really good about writing and that is very positive for me.

On the oteher hand, I have now taken 2 ETEC courses using WordPress as a platform and I would say that on each occasion I had a hard time getting the flow of information initially, that made me miss out on  important information and left me a little frustrated as i groped for a bit before “getting” it. 🙂

My personal advice to newcomers would be,

  • Start early and try navigating and browsing just to get a hang of it.
  • Write your edits in a different word processesor (where possible) and copy and paste until you understand how the blog editor works.The second benefit is, if by some misadventre you lose the edit in the blog, you have a backup
  • Save your edits and review before you post
  • Ensure that you read and understand the guidelines set by your school for online participation in such.
  • Do not be intimidated by the “new” technology, you won’t break it 🙂 besides, the tech support team like to know if and when someone breaks something, it only makes them think better in order to provide a more robust and secure platform
  • Respect the work of others
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