On the 4th Day…

God made the sun, moon, stars… I just made this post.

In some ways, blogging definitely takes time. For my own site, I need the time to gather some information, create my own thoughts, take a picture, put a name/stamp on it, and then post it all. I wish it was faster… I feel a personal pressure to do it, but, sometimes, I just don’t have the time.
For school, I viewed it as a bit of a time saver, actually. I thought activities I created could be reused or pasted again in later years. I also found correcting written work and making comments faster on a blog than in paper form. I was able to return work with comments faster than I normally would have.

I have never encountered any legal issues blogging personally or at/for school. The only time something close came up was when I asked IT Shared Services about changing our school site to a WP blog. They said “No” because of safety concerns (mainly), I think. By the winter, our Dept. of Ed. was putting on a PD day where you could come and convert your site to WordPress.
On the site listed, one thing that caught my eye was the freedom to blog about elections – I’m assuming this is an American site, talking about an American law. The last couple of elections that happened in Canada and PEI had some e-buzz around them, warning of the consequences of blogging or tweeting about results.

I’ve attracted some, but it’s never been a huge hassle. Filtering has gotten better over the years.

Inappropriate Student Responses
It’s a concern, but I’ve yet to encounter it. It’s something to talk to students about ahead of time, and to make them aware of what their actions could mean.

Copyright Issues
On my school’s site, there isn’t much content, so that isn’t much of a concern. On my own site, I think it’s cool when people share or reference my blog online. I like seeing where I get traffic from. The only thing I don’t want to happen is for people to use my pictures without permission. So, I paste my site’s name in the corner of every picture… just in case.

Legal Policies
See above… other than the above, I don’t know of anything in particular that’s in place in our district.

Audience / Facts / Feedback
For my own site, I’m catering to a pretty content-specific audience. I’m not too worried about any facts that are incorrect, as most of my blog is opinion. I have yet to encounter any negative feedback.

For kids, I think it’s like the appropriate comments section – they have to be reminded about who they’re writing for, facts (esp. plagiarism!), and respectful commenting (including handling negative blog visitors, if they happen to appear).

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