thinking about A3…


Does anyone know what tool was used to create the ‘perfecting your pitch‘ presentation that we watched earlier in the course? This is a really effective tool for having a ‘face-based’ presentation along with graphics and media. Anyone know how to do this?

Also: The service I’m thinking of pitching is an intermediary between parents and teachers, combining some of the benefits of technology-enhanced communication and external tutoring. Basically a service that sends a child’s teacher a quick survey to get an idea of the students strengths and weaknesses (using targeted outcomes in math and ELA), then interprets the information for the parent while proposing activities that may help the student to improve. I know that there are several administrators (and at least one legal mind) among us. My question is: Is there a legal issue with something like this? If a parent authorizes a third party to communicate with a teacher on behalf of them, is that OK? Would a teacher’s responsibility to communicate with parents extend to an agent of the parent/student?

If anyone has any input, thanks!



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