Cloudy with a chance of technology?

I am currently taking my 1st, 2nd and 3rd MET courses this semester and have already learned a lot of information relating to delivering and storing information on the web. I use a  variety of Cloud services including Google, Gmail, Googledocs, Skype, Facebook, Youtube, the list goes on. My biggest concern about using these services is the privacy factor and knowing that anything I post or share will be released into cloud space. I have mixed feelings about this. One being that my privacy and security is limited, but on the other hand if something happens to my computer, I have my information stored in the “clouds”.  

Why Cloud Computing:

       Reduce Cost: Companies and schools spend millions of dollars on sending up servers and buying software- cloud computing is cost efficient and allows you to run everything through your service provider

       Easily Accessible: Most cloud providers allow you to access your data through your computer, mobile phone and a handheld device

       Cloud computing allows you to not have to depend on your device. All of your information published will be stored in the cloud


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