Cloud Technology being a Vehicle

I have being using cloud technology for over ten years. I can vividly remember being introduced to cloud technology as students at university; it was an exciting time because it would erase my traditional ways of carrying out certain functions. In recent time my use of cloud technology has significantly increased. It is part of my daily activities in all sectors of my life including religion, education, job and personal life. I realized that cloud technology in my daily activities causes me to complete more tasks.

I have being using cloud technology in achieving a master in MET since 2010. It was the first time for me to use cloud technology in pursuing a degree. At the start of the programme I was very fearful. I felt as if I was swimming in unknown depth of water and at any time I would start to drown. Surprising, I am approaching the end of  the journey ( 9th and 10th courses) without any problem along the way in terms of the use of cloud technology. Throughout the courses in MET I have used and learn many cloud technology including Toondoo, Animoto, Glogster, Webs, Youtube, Prezi, Wikispaces and GoogleDocs. I found these technologies to be useful in presenting information to colleagues and communicating with them.

I presently use cloud technology with students for communication, presentation of ideas and concepts and evaluation. I communicate with my students on daily basis through the use of Skype, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other social network which has reduced telephone and transportation cost. Students use Wikispaces, GoogleDocs, Youtube and Glogster to make presentations and view course materials. In near future, I intend to use Scribd to conduct classes with students.

I think cloud computing has transformed our lives and will continue to do so. However, I am concerned about the security and privacy of information that is published when using cloud technology

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