To iPad? Week 9 Discussion #2

Great work Week 9! I really like the way you have created your wiki and the use of information you provided. I have been waiting for this presentation on iPads and am so excited to learn more about them through your wiki! It looks great so far!

I believe that using an iPad would benefit any situation, whether it be in a workplace, classroom or even just for personal use. Not only are there thousands of apps available (with the touch of your finger), but also music, movies, books and the Internet. More specifically to education, I believe this device would definitely help enhance the way students learn, think and receive information. Here are a few ways that I would use an iPad in the classroom:

·      Use the iPad to read to my students: whether it be poems, books, lyrics, information on a lesson, quotes, fun facts (this can all be done instantly)

·      Students could take turns using the iPad and share their experience using it

·      Work with students in small groups using the apps to help improve skills in reading, math, spelling and even writing

·      Email my colleagues or students instantly

·      Voice Recorder: I could record my lessons and critique my performance (did the students understand the lesson? Did I talk to fast? To slow? Etc…)

·      Dropbox: Store all of my information instead of filling up my iPad

·      Evernote: Use this app as a notebook and jot down any ideas that come to mind during my day, instead of using sticky notes that I usually can’t find

·      Mobile Air Mouse: I could use my iPad as a mouse for a presentation in the classroom, controlling the volume, text, page turning etc…

·      If students have any questions that I may not know the answer to I can use the iPad

I recently read on the apple website that students at an elementary school are using the iPad to create their schools morning announcements, using the apps provided on the iPad: iMovie and GarageBand .

If money were no object, I think purchasing a full set of iPads would benefit so many schools and the way students learn. It could be used in replace of a computer lab, where each student could be at their desk using an iPad. This could enhance so many lessons! Creating projects, looking up information, learning math, English, science and history; virtually completing any lesson through this device! I also believe that because our world is becoming so technologically advanced, we as teachers are constantly trying to provide the best technology tools for our students. I believe that iPads definitely have a place in classrooms, however, we as teachers must understand the functions and ways to use this device. If there is any disadvantage to using this tool, I believe it may be a result of two things: the teacher not knowing/understanding how to use the iPad and the students age and/or ability to concentrate on the lesson- not getting side tracked with games and other apps on the device.

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