D3: Money, Sprouting, & Leaning Back and Forth

1) When administrators consider that a new set of Mac computers will cost a great deal more that a set of ‘educational app rich’ iPads, this could be a game changer. You can get ‘more for your money’ taking the iPad route.

2) It feels like there is a new tablet being released every week. If I were to make a major investment for tablets in my school or district, I would be very hesitant. iPads are a ‘trusted’ brand and are selling well, so I’m sure many people would take that route. However, the rapid release of tablets could make a ‘smart’ investor wait to see what works. This investor may have to wait a long time, though.

3) In my personal experience, I have found the iPad to be a lean back tool, rather than a lean in tool. When it comes to producing something that involves a lot of typing, I always sit ridgidly at my computer. This could just be old habits though. A keyboard/mouse dock could help. But with experience, working on a touch screen may become normal for me. I have students already who claim they can type faster on a touch screen (perhaps due to never mastering it on a manual keyboard).


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