Discussion 2: iPad for e-reading. I am e…

Discussion 2: iPad for e-reading.

I am extremely excited about what the iPad has to offer education on the whole. I think it is a wonderful innovation that will get our students excited about learning since it offers student opportunities to engage in the teaching and learning experience. The iPad can be used in many creative ways to help engage students. I believe I can safely refer to it as a functioning personal computer or even an ebook that can do much of what is required to function effectively in schools. In this regard, I see where this device would work well in my school as an e-reading device for students and teachers alike. The iPad could be promoted as the tool that students will use to store their textbooks etc. This gives a different feel and look to textbooks since it beautifully display books and offers opportunities to include dynamic content with animation, movies, video, and other multimedia built into it. Here we are seeing where Books become more portable. Imagine the difference between carrying 10 textbooks in a backpack versus carrying one iPad!

One disadvantage of the iPad is that it slows down finger typing. Futhermore, I think the finger-based interface on its glassy surface is not good for notes taking. I am not sure if the iPad facilitates marking up readings as many students would do with a physical text.

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