Discussion #2 – iPad, uPad, willweallPad?

Actually, I don’t use an iPad – or any other tablet. Never have beyond the aisle of a store. It’s not that I’m not interested in one, it’s just that I don’t see enough personal benefit in them to justify the large pricetag at the moment. What about student benefits, though?

Surely, we can all think of some, and we have seen some in the presentation this week. For myself, here are a couple of situations that pop to the forefront of my thoughts:

Mostly, I think I imagine myself taking advantage of its mobility. I’d carry it around the room and do things like attendance as well as take notes by students’ desks on their student progress in different areas – that I could place right in their own folder. I think something like this could allow me to have faster (and recorded) feedback to students. I may also use it to demonstrate things on the screen / SMART board in my room. I think I would also let students use it at their desks to do the same, as well as use it as a resource device in the room (either research or helping a student at a different level do the work of the day).

That being said, what’s a disadvantage the iPad would bring? Students fighting over using it? I suppose it could happen, especially if I have only one. Really, I see a couple of main “pre-disadvantages” that would stop me from even using one: the lack of WiFi in local schools (not even the device’s fault, really), and the iPad’s incompatibility with Flash / Silverlight. Not to mention that this would eventually happen, which I, the kids, the school, & the district wouldn’t like.

I don’t think I’ll ever own one or use one in school. I think the first tablet I have in school will be a slightly more capable device that can use any programs / file types.

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