Discussion #2: learning curve

The iPad’s portability could be a huge benefit for my context, but at the moment there are some prohibitive barriers.

The materials I develop support the people in a volunteer network across the province. If our outreach and liaison workers had access to iPads to share our learning resources when they were meeting with people in the field, I think that could be convenient, a great way to support the volunteers, and also an excellent way to support people using a new kind of tool.

Some of the challenges I would see with this would be ensuring that all materials we developed functioned on both the traditional computer and the iPad, since many of our volunteers do not have iPads (or other touch-screen devices). While I think the potential of touchscreen technologies for education is huge, I have yet to design anything for that environment and think the learning curve and testing required could be time-consuming. If you’re going to really take advantage of this kind of technology, I’m sure there’s a lot to learn about the kinds of interactions it supports, how people prefer to interact with it, not to mention the technical specifications.

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