D3 – Game Changer ?

Is the Ipad a Game Changer in Education? Is this really a good investment?


In my case, I would probably start with who are my audience and what courses am I teaching?

I am sure it is a game changer for other educators.

As they often say, “You need an apps for that.”

Is there a mathematical formula to determine good investment?

It would nice to have one.

I am a little bit conservative when it comes to spending.

a) What does iPad offer that the other devices/computers could not?

b) How often are we going to use iPad? Would all the courses support the use of iPad? It might be like buying a luxury vehicle that is parked in the garage and only used 2 hours per week.

c) How do we physically secure it? (I guess this is more of logistics problem).

I guess, at the end of the day, the institution needs to come up with a check list to determine how valuable iPad would be for them.




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