Discussion # 2: Why iPad? Why Not Netbook?

Is there a market for this technology within education?

 iPad has been targeted for people who use eBook readers such as Kindle. However, it is offering them more than just an eBook reader. These days, I can see that iPad is prevalently used for educational purposes, especially in elementary. Schools receive grants to implement the use of iPad to replace textbooks and I heard that Apple is even offering a 10% educational discount. That’s probably why there has been a market open for this technology within education even though the price is higher than the average netbook. I also like the fact that iPad is touch screen-based which most netbooks don’t offer. Moreover, Apple is offering hundreds of educational apps to be downloaded free of charge.

I don’t have an iPad nor have I used it for my teaching. However, I’ve used an iPhone since 3 years ago. As it is similar to iPad in terms of its functions and features (except for the screen size), I would like to suggest several ways to use the iPad in class.

[Ways to use the iPad in class]

  • During English, Literature, or Silent Reading time, teachers or students can load eBook to read online.
  • In History or Social Studies class, students and teachers can view periodicals for current events and history.
  • Teachers/Students can watch videos or YouTube video lessons.
  • In IT class, tudents can research current apps available and discuss the benefits for each.
  • A “Tap to talk” app can be downloaded to turn iPad into an augmentative communication device.
  • In Math class, teachers and students show work to solve math problems.
  • In Science class, students can use the periodic table and watch videos.

[Benefits of iPad]

  • It helps students get excited about learning –> The use of technology is always cool for them.
  • The use of iPad increases technology use in education –> 21st Century Learning!
  • It helps students gain independence.
  • It replaces textbooks. Eco-friendly!
  • It helps conducting on demand research.

So… Why iPad? Why not netbook?

There are some pros and cons of both the iPad and the netbook. People use a netbook because

  • it is cheaper than iPad
  • it offers more hard drive space
  • it comes with a full keyboard.

However, netbooks have shorter battery life and are not intended primarily as an entertainment device.

People prefer the iPad over the netbook because

  • Offers more functionality than a smartphone
  • More flexible than a laptop
  • Light weight which makes it a more portable option than the bulkier netbook
  • Large touch-screen display
  • Better than the netbook for viewing videos, reading e-books and playing games
  • Utilizes an on-screen keyboard
  • Can be used for Web browsing, e-mail, e-books, and movies and games
  • Superior battery life to Netbooks

However, iPad is a lot more expensive than a netbook.

Is there a market for iPad within education? Yes, there is. Many teachers (e.g. special education teachers), media specialists, technology enthusiasts, students, administrators, trainers, IT specialists, and curriculum directors who have adapted the use of iPad in education have influenced educational market’s innovation decisions. The use of iPad in education has been and will be influenced by others due to these adaptors of change.


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