Discussion 3: The iPad as a game changer…

Discussion 3: The iPad as a game changer

The iPad is a game changer in education since it promises new and exciting opportunities for learning anytime and anyplace. However, is it worth the investment? My answer is a resounding yes. The iPad has many features which makes it a great tool for education. For example, it has large storage capacity. Some WiFi versions etcetera come with 16Gb of storage space, therefore, it can store videos, music and many other applications.

Tablet are increasing becoming the digital backpack of students. Due to technological advancements, the possibility exist that in a couple of years, most if not all textbooks will have a digital equivalent, test and exams will be administered on tablets or smartphones, learning and homework will be done via apps such as StudyBlue and so on. Bearing these in mind, the iPad has the potential to create a paradigm shift in education which make it really worth the investment.

Although the iPad is a great product, there are some lingering concerns. A major concern is cost. For example, a basic iPad cost somewhere around US$500 and a student could purchase a laptop that does everything that he/she needs it to do for that same price. Another concern is will it be already an old technology by the time you purchase it due to rapid improvements and innovations in technology? One should really consider these and more before making the investment.


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