D#3: Game changing Ipad

Will the Ipad be a game changer in the education industry? I would like to attempt to answer this question by tracing its track record so far.

The slogan “there’s an app for that” was made popular by the Ipad, as far as I know. The surge of apps coming up these days testifies to the fact that Ipad has started a “fire” that is spreading fast and with the cloud technology catching on too, the app world has just gained extensibility. This means that it will be easier to get apps and updates without worrying about space on the device.

My observation is that digital natives seem to prefer the Ipad and its kin to most other mobile devices. This says a lot about expectations of this group of people and their acceptance of the device.

The Ipad is easy to move around and as such can do the same job the computer, ereader, camera and  GPS can each do-a portable all in one. There is an app for almost anything you need to do. A lot of apps are already popular in the education circle.

Following these trends, the Ipad is bringing change but being a game changer- in education will require more than popularity and portability or acceptability.

These trends are promising but in my opinion to determine if Ipad is a game changer will require to measure it based on certain benchmarks. How do we measure how learning or effective teaching or transfer of knowledge has occured from the use of Ipads?

Laura Milligan of the Onlinecolleges.net blog has some ideas on how Ipad  will according to her “forever change education.” I also found the comments to this article interesting.


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