My MET Assessment Experience

This looks like a very interesting topic!  I am quite passionate about the topic of assessment, as I am experiencing first-hand, the difference in product-based assessment vs traditional assessment formats in our MET program.  As I am completing the courses and creating a variety of products, my colleagues in other Masters programs are cramming for exams – we know how much we retain from those experiences!

My products for assessment purposes so far have included:  videos, concept maps, wikis, blogs, Picasso creations, and yes, a paper or two.  But overall, I find this assessment to be authentic, engaging and without a doubt, challenging.  I realize that to gather a true understanding of a student’s learning, we need triangulation – a combination of product, observation, and conversations – but the product has so much more meaning than the pencil and paper quiz and exam.  When I think of the revised Blooms taxonomy, creation is at the highest order of thinking, so product based assessment is more challenging than most other assessments.

Creating is the highest form of learning and product based assessment ensures that this higher order thinking takes place


I have taken far too many courses in the past, where regurgitation of my knowledge accumulation was the goal.  I can memorize all that is needed, but it is in performance or creation of an authentic product, that I learn the most.



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