Workplace Learning PBA

My experiences in the MET program opened my eyes to the value of PBAs and informed how I will incorporate them in my future training programs. I used a PBA in my last training program without fully understanding what PBAs are and how effective they can be. In this program I had the learners produce actual work products throughout a 13 week program which culminated in a final product that was formally presented to the project sponsors and the learners managers.

After reading Trent Baston’s (2011) “A Survey of the Electronic Portfolio Market Sector: Analysis and Surprising Trends” I realize that my example doesn’t fit into his examples but I believe it is the same in principle. Instead of using one of the ePortfolio packages that Baston promotes, I had leveraged an online Corporate website to allow the learner’s to publish their products which made it easier to share and provide feedback. In a sense each of the learners produced a product and the compilation of the individual works into the final presentation made up the team ‘portfolio’ as all products were published on the Microsoft Teamsite.

The PBA worked very well because along the way the learners had to create interim products that were assessed with feedback provided and discussed across the team. Changes and feedback were iteratively incorporated so that the final product was reflective of all the team learnings to date.

The goal was to encourage innovative thinking across the group. The feedback from the learners was very positive and they felt that they wouldn’t have learned the material as well had the teachings not been applied into an actual work product. The sponsors and managers were able to assess the progress of the learnings of the team along the way and even to request additional mentoring when an individual product highlighted some specific deficiency areas.

In thinking about this as a venture I guess I would say that my experience is that of a successful services based venture for product based assessment. When I wrote the proposal for the training program it was on the basis that the learnings would be applied to an actual corporate project which would provide additional value to the corporation over and above a more traditional workplace training program. Therefore, I think that I was actually selling and providing a service of a workplace learning PBA.

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