[ACTIVITY #1] My PBA Experience

Before I participate in Activity #1,  I’d like to compliment the Week 10 group for your awsome work! I especially like the SWOT Analysis. Moreover, PBA is a great topic to discuss as assessment is the area that my colleagues at my school are paying a lot of attention to this year. As there is no right or wrong answer to “assessing students”, I find it one of the most difficult parts when it comes to teaching as well as learning.

Here it goes for Activity #1.

Activity #1 – Intro Discussion

Project Based Assessment is a fundamental part of the MET program. What is your impression of PBA based on your experiences in MET?

 I’ve been enjoying taking the MET courses since I started it a year ago. One of the reasons is that assignments that I’ve produced are unique and unconventional compared to any of the courses I’ve ever taken in post secondary and in education program.

I can’t forget my very first assignment in the first MET course that I took. I believe it was ETEC 511 and I had to create a comic strip using ToonDoo. It was fun and thought-provoking at the same time. When I taught Information Technology last year, I was able to get some project ideas from the MET courses. Some of the assignments and projects that I assigned to students were similar to the assignments that I did in the MET program. I also saw them enjoying what they produced. Many of them came to me and specifically request for more ToonDoo projects. I think that the criteria of PBA is more diverse and its applications broader than exams.


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