Day 1 – Sedentary Learning

What, when, where and how am I doing m-learning now?

I’m not.

If we are talking – as outlined in the intro – about cellphones, at least. I still have and use the only mobile device I’ve ever had – a circa-2001 Nokia. I have never felt that I needed or wanted a newer phone so much that I was willing to pay for it plus data plans and all that other stuff. I have never sent a text message on it or done anything online. Basically, we use it to call home before one of us leaves town, to call my parents (no l.d. charge), or as a backup alarm on stormy nights.

I don’t own a tablet, e-reader, or any other device, either. Just a desktop and a laptop (that pretty much never leaves the house).

So… the only mobility I have in my learning is doing computing upstairs or downstairs in my own house, or being able to access course work from my work computer as well.

It’s my work that’s mobile… not me. I’m what you might call a sedentary learner.

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