Day 2: Carlton University App

As Juliana noted, the BB has a limited number of apps compared to other Smartphones, but I explored the Carlton University app found on the Day 2 page of this week’s presentation.  One of the key problems it solved was helping new students navigate around the campus using the GPS feature and map graphics on the app.  New students struggle with finding out all of the important information quickly – they need time to develop their networks of friends and so in the meantime, the app provides schedules, grades, news etc, quickly and in a very user-friendly format.  The graphics are eye-catching and Carlton promises to keep the app upgraded regularly.  This app is compelling because the alternate is for students to sit in their rooms and access all of this information on their laptops (or in the library) rather than using the mobile technology and being out and about in the campus socially, the format many prefer.

Wish I had this when I was wandering aimlessly on campus trying to find my way around!


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