Conroy’s Views for Day 1

I have gotten myself a blackberry phone since November 2010 and it has being tremendously useful to me in searching for content materials for my students and UBC MET courses. Hence I would regard myself engaged in mlearning, although at the time I started using blackberry phone I was not aware of this term.

As result of my busy live, I have being using my phone to carry various tasks such as:

  • to sent and check my email messages. For example on many occasions I have uploaded content materials to blackberry phone from my laptop to be sent to my students. Once the material is uploaded to my phone, I find easy and convenient to email student from my phone;
  •  to check meaning and spelling of words by using the apps dictionary;
  • to  communicate with friends and colleges;
  • to discussion bible verses using bible app;
  • to identify locations using Google Maps. I have used this useful on many occasions in my country. I vividly recalled that if I did have this service on my phone in St. Lucia last summer I would have lost myself on many occasions;
  • to explain course content to students.
  • to take digital images of phenomena in mathematics and Physics which I use to teach various concepts.

I find that my phone is a very useful device; it allows to accomplish more tasks than normal especially in areas which do not allow me connectivity to internet when use my laptop. Internet services are always available on my phone. Also some of my students use blackberry to class to research on content topic for class presentations and discussion.


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