Day 2 – #1. Is my device any good?

Do I have a good m-learning device? No! My laptop is OK, but it’s not mobile in the sense we’re talking about this week. I would not use my cellphone for m-learning. Why?

– It’s about ten years old.
– There’s not much a screen, or interface. Mostly just the regular buttons of a phone – no fancy, attractive inputs or displays.
– On my phone, I could really only interact with instructors by voice – no emails / large bodies of text, no images at all, no cooperative abilities unless I arrange some party line-style call.
– There is no WiFi in my phone, or 3G, or anything… just cellular service. I have no current / “good” ways of collaborating, sharing, or accessing information.

This week is depressing me! I’m feeling some peer pressure to adopt or adapt… what I have now doesn’t seem much better than a rotary-dial phone!


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