Day 1: my m-learning

I think it some ways, I do a lot of m-learning.  I’m a teacher in secondary school, public education, and here are some of the things I use m-learning for.

1. I have my students use their cell phones in class in order to do polls in Poll Everywhere.  This is based on Eric Mazur’s Peer Instruction pedagogy.

2. I have my own Tablet PC that I use a lot in class.  However, VSB (Vancouver School Board) at this time does not want people to plug their own personal devices into the schools’ lan backbone.  Of course it is easy to do this and there aren’t really any repercussions if you do.  However, I opt to “obey the law.”  So I use my HDSPA+ cell phone to tether my tablet pc to the internet when required.

3. I take photos of student work with my phone or Playbook tablet, and upload them to our class website.

4. When time permits and I’m on public transportation, I take my Playbook with me and do MET readings and postings while on a bus or skytrain.


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