Day 1

Hi all,

Currently I use my mobile phone for school in a variety of ways.  I find that much of the MET program focuses on interacting with our colleagues, which requires a degree of connection.  Luckily, due to the nature of the program, we are all fairly well connected and skilled at using the technologies available to us.

This is the only course I am in right now.  I find myself using my iPhone to read the posts on the UBC blog as I am waiting for things, on the bus, and even in bed before I have gotten to my computer.  I find the typing isn’t super easy for long posts, so I tend to wait to comment or post until I am at a computer.  I like the integration of the iPhone in that I can be reading about a topic and quickly flip to another tab to learn more about a subject.  I appreciate the flexibility that the phone has to offer, and that the learning can be real-time and immediate.



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