Day 2

m-Learning Device

The current mobile device that I use is the iPhone.  I am consistently blown away by its capability throughout my day to day life and how it makes things considerably simpler.

I have used my iPhone for courses in the past.  I find that like Koole notes, it allows for the learner to focus on the content and task at hand, instead of being cumbersome and difficult to navigate.  I have tried to use the web on a Blackberry Pearl, and find that screen too challenging to read and even the navigation (I am not a native BB user) very challenging to pick up and go.  The iPhone rarely crashes on me and I find that its new addition of multi-tasking (I say new, but it’s not that new) allows for me to take on many things at once (flipping from Youtube to Safari and back almost seamlessly).  One challenge that I have found has been the institution’s tools somewhat limiting.  As far as the last Vista course that I took, the apps that were available for the iPhone required a newer version of Vista, to which UBC has not yet subscribed.

I find that having the tool of the iPhone literally in my pocket encourages Koole’s notion of authentic solutions to real problems.  Because the topics are always close at hand and the reading is fairly sporadic, I am more in-touch with the content.  It is not a read-once, forget about type thing.  I imagine that we can all agree that it is easier to engage with the content to more time we spend with it– mobile learning enables just that, therefore encouraging engagement.

In terms of sociability, the iPhone is fairly simple in its functions and doesn’t support an overwhelming amount of symbols.  The keyboard is intuitive (even if a little bit challenging).  The browser is unmatched and the speed I absolutely enjoy (Wifi and 3G), even if it does get tedious when you’re on the move and it constantly requests to join new networks– but I guess that’s the breaks when you’re driving and doing homework (kidding).

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