[DAY 1] What, When, Where and How…?

What, when, where and how are you doing m-learning now?

I use my mobile device, in particular my iPhone, mostly for web browsing, social networking, emailing, and posting and modifying WordPress posts. Three Math classes I’m currently teaching have a class blog. Whenever there are things I need to modify, I use the WorPress app on my iPhone. Also, whenever my students leave comments on the blog, I can reply anytime and anywhere I want. I sometimes go on to YouTube and search YouTube video lessons that I can use for my classes.

On Sundays, the Bible app helps me a lot. It has a notes section as well so that I can jot down my pastor’s sermon and share with my church friends at a meeting.

I’ve also added the ETEC 522 blog as a favourite to my iPhone so that I can have easy access to it. Although due to the size of the screen, it’s a little more difficult to read, make posts, and leave comments than the PC, it’s very convenient and portable as I spend most of my day outside.


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