Day 4

Mlearning can be viable market option for many institutions that provide distance learning. However there a few challenges of using mobile phones need to be addressed so as ensure that mobile to grow in the learning market. These include:

1. Cost- Most mobile phones that allow internet connectivity are very expensive. Also the internet plans for mobile devices are normally more expensive that other services. For users to have some time of Web enabled device to participate in mLearning could be expensive.
2. Size of the Device- The size of the keyboard and screen of mobile phones are another challenge. Many people find it difficult to read information and use the keyboard to write on a phone. If there was an inbuilt projector in the phones it could make users life easier.

3. Technology- Most mobile phones have limited storage capacity. Some phones can only store approximately 32GB of data which is far beyond the needs of most mlearning curriculum.

These challenges can deter a learner from considering a mobile learning strategy for their organization. Therefore studies need to be done on how one can improve the services and features of mobile phones for mobile to grow in the learning market

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