Day4:Using Mlearning to create inclusive professional learning community

Though I am not a teacher, the organisation I work with provides professional support to school leadership across the province. Increasingly these days, some of the support and learning come in the form of web casts. To participate live, some school boards have to come together as a group, a lot of times some group members have to cancel and regret that they cannot participate live.

This is a scenario where I would like to use mlearning as a solution. The people, who do not want to come into school on a weekend or cannot make joining the team in the school building for these professional learning web casts on a given day, can also learn and participate wherever they are as long as they have a mobile phone.

It would be safe to assume that a high percentage of this group of people own mobile phones. This would be a solution that would use technology that is already owned by possible every participant to extend learning and include as many members as possible in the live web casts.

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