Day1/2: Sans MLearning

However, I was intrigued that it was a great way to catch up on some reading while on the go. My daily routine requires a lot of moving around, especially at work and most of the reading I do is while in transit. I carry my work B’berry around all the time but what I do with it is mostly emails and BBM and rarely voice. Until this week, I had zero MLearning experience. I decided to use my work B’berry to download an ebook. I must say that it wasn’t a bad experience. The small screen issue is made up for by the zoom tool which allows you to zoom in and read Then I am not big on scrolling since zooming in means I had to scroll a lot, which I am not a fan of! Personally I would rather not carry anything that weighs over half a kilo (I have suffered untold pains for doing that) so the idea of being able to read with my mobile phone appeals to me even with the scrolling!

My curiosity satisfied, I am now ready to use another mobile- next stop- Ipad. I want to use mobiles for 2 reasons: to extend the classroom and for convenience. I have found BBM a great way to keep a community of professionals or social network connected. I can send and receive a lot of media forms. I can see how it will be used for learning with these features. A little research on statistics of phone usage also made me quite hopeful about the future of mlearning-using something users are already accustomed and personally attached to.

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