Day 3 and 4

Day 3

  On the 522 Blog: Design your own m-learning venture by answering the following questions:

  describe a problem in teaching/learning/performance

  how do the affordances of mobiles help solve that problem?

  what learning theory / approach will you use?

  how will  your m-learning solution use mobile affordances?

  what is a similar successful solution in the marketplace (m-learning or not) already?

  what challenges will you face in implementing your solution and getting market traction?

what changes do you need for your mobile solution to grow in the marketplace?

One of my biggest problems teaching adult students is student’s lack of time to study English.  Usually they all have jobs, children, and are struggling to cope with their new lives in Canada.  Mobile learning on a LMS solves this problem as students can learn when they have an extra second, waiting for the doctor, commuting to work, or on their lunch break.  Using a more blended approach to learning theory students will encounter a variety of activities – some will allow students to meaningfully think about their activities, some will require students to interact with other people, and some activities will be ask and answer drill questions. This will be to address different learning styles and expectations to be marketable to a variety of students.  Some of the benefits of using mobile technology for my students is they all have a cell phone so it isn’t an extra expense for them, they are familiar with it and they can use it everywhere.

         Other similar learning technologies would be on a regular computer but they don’t offer the flexibility that a cell phone does and it also doesn’t provide just-in-time information. The cost and portability of a laptop or computer is also a barrier that I often face in my classroom but the majority of my students already have a phone.

         To implement this I would face the challenge of being able to implement it on a non-smart phone as most of my students don’t use smart phones and to require one is difficult.  Training of both teachers and students would take up a larger portion of time and something intuitive is important, I feel for ESL students. For my mobile solution to grow more schools need to adopt mobile learning and students need to become aware and accepting of it.





Day 4

  On the ETEC 522 Blog: What one change would you require to adopt m-learning for your own teaching and learning?

On the ETEC 522 Blog: Look at the samples below – how might you use m-learning in teaching and learning?

If mobile phones were reliable, every student had them, they were easy to use and see, and the technology worked most of the time I would consider using them in my own teaching and learning.

 Looking at the list I realized that I already use my mobile phone for:

1.   Timing

2.   Photographing whiteboards

3.   Making reminders for myself

4.   Downloading and listening to foreign language podcasts

5.   Logging into my school email

6.   Transferring files


I would like to use them for:

1.   reminders for students

2.   Synchronizing calenders

3.   Recording teacher

4.   Photographing real life event to use for lessons.





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