Day 4 – new directions

What one change would you require to adopt m-learning for your own teaching and learning?

This is not really a change, but rather an area for research. I’m not a teacher, but within my work context I would need to hear from our audience that mobile learning is something they’re interested to try and use. I’d also need to survey people about the kind of tools they currently use. Our ‘audience’ are all volunteers from across BC — a lower-tech mobile tool could have great application for people, but I don’t yet have any sense of what kinds of mobile devices they’re using.

How might you use m-learning in teaching and learning?

Looking at this list, there are several things I’m already doing, such as using calendars for reminders, photographing diagrams or other items for later reference, listening to podcasts (sometimes podcasts about education podcasting 🙂 ), etc. Things I could be doing more of or doing better would include accessing materials through my phone, using it to store or transfer files, and using the multimedia features more.

The option to capture moments from my environment through photos, audio or video is something in which I’ve only dabbled. I’d like to record specific things that happen in workshops to share them with others and expand our learning resources. Through recordings or images we could increase the reach of some of the key elements of our face-to-face events.

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