[DAY 4] m-learning for my own teaching and learning

I apologize for posting it late. I completely forgot to upload the last post.

  • What one change would you require to adopt m-learning for your own teaching and learning?

 I still see some problems and concerns of m-learning. Especially these days, I see many students being obssessed/attached to their cellphones. They just can’t let it go during class. I’ve caught more than a dozen students over the last 2 weeks exchanging SMS while I was doing a lesson. I’ve confiscated and handed it over to the admin several times, but still don’t see positive changes.

Would m-learning help them focus on learning? As a teacher, I need to monitor if they are paying attention or not. Hence, I’m worried that I might be the one who promotes them to use a cellphone. This might bring a result that students think it’s okay to use their mobile devices any time they want.

Under the circumstances that all students will obey the classroom rules, I’d adpt m-learning for my teaching. The classroom rules regarding the use of mobile devices are still the area that many schools and districts need to work on.

  • Look at the samples below – how might you use m-learning in teaching and learning?

I might use m-learning for the following:

    • Bluetoothing project material between group members
    • Receiving SMS & email reminders from teachers: I’ve been doing this since 2 years ago. I usually tweet or send SMS to my students in summer school. I won’t do it during the regular school year as there are many more options for my students to communicate with me. I specifically use SMS during summer school because I’m covering everything they are supposed to learn within 6 weeks. Since students don’t have much time to communicate with me, SMS is the fastest and the easiest way to communicate.
    • Synchronizing calendar/timetable and setting reminders
    • Accessing revision sites on the Internet
    • Creating short narrative movies
    • Logging into the school email system
    • Transferring files between school and home



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