Activity 2 – Post-Ghostery Site Visits

Now that I’ve sobered up a bit from the e-creeping data snatching revealed to me by Ghostery, I am ready to look at some other sites / applications.

First of all, I found the sites somewhat Big Brother-ish… this watching of live, raw, unsorted data… it almost felt like I shouldn’t be watching the information that was unfolding for me. Watching the information on the screen was a bit like having my finger on the pulse of what was going on without being able to feel anything. I also thought, “Cool… but what could a teacher like me do with it?”

When trying to manipulate the data, I noticed the way some of the data was/wasn’t formatted would not allow it to be used in many of the available ways. For “working” data sets, you could easily use /  visualize data, though… it would be good for visual learners – not so much for hands-on / auditory / kinesthetic ones. It is fairly usable, though – I could see me using it for student votes or the visualization of class data / progress / surveys. With my current homeroom class of nine, though, I can’t see me making too much use of it.

Springer Realtime
This falls under the novel category, but I can’t see much use for it – for me, at least. The keyword tag cloud that refreshes every ten seconds doesn’t seem to carry over any words from one refresh to another… there’s no real connections to be made in the times I checked it in the last couple of days. The Icons section doesn’t group icons, so it’s too hard to scan them and see many trends before it changes.


The Darwin program looks more useful / usable, but I did not delve into it deeply.

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