Activity 2: Math Makes Sense with Technology!

I chose to explore Springer Realtime for this activity. I started searching by typing in ‘Mathematics’ and received over 269 publications. The title such as A History of Chinese Mathematics or Ancient Indian Leaps into Mathematics sound very interesting and could be useful for a project or Math fair for my students.
However, most of the publications given by Springer Realtime are for my personal interest and are not suitable for elementary/secondary students. So, I typed in ‘Mathematics education’ this time and had 25 publications on this topic. Titles such as Lesson Study Research and Practice in Mathematics Education and Mathematics Education and Technology-Rethinking the Terrain looked specifically interesting to me. I’m currently teaching Math at a Tech Immersion Program and it’s been one of my biggest concerns to come up with cross-curriculum ideas for the combination of Math and Technology. I particularly like the “downloadability” of these publications. Instead of going to a library, educational publications can now be downloaded at home. How cool is that!
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