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I think it is good for MET students to try different platforms.  We can use that experience to make educated decisions when trying out LMS for our students (if we are educators and we so chose to).  What platform did we like? What lay-out or organizational plan would I want for my students? Do I want students to be able to comment on other students posts, etc…?

I have used Vista, Connect, and now WordPress while in the MET program.  I found the same issues with Connect this past summer in regards to not being able to track your posts and responses from others.  It was frustrating at times to go back to each post you made to see if someone had responded.  With WordPress, it was also frustrating not being able to go back to edit a comment you made.

I like the suggestion made about posting our A1 and A3 assignments for feedback before handing it in to be marked.  I know from other MET courses that I have edited or changed things in my assignments due to feedback I was given before I sent it to the instructor.  With my A3 assignment, there have been some great suggestions posted and I can now see what I missed or how I could improve on my assignment.

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