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  • visramn 6:53 pm on November 24, 2012
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    On the rubric for A3 there is a component where it says we will be assessed on self evaluation. I am not sure if I missed something. Are we supposed to submit an evaluation with A3?   Nureen

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    • jenbarker 7:05 pm on November 24, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Nureen,
      I plan to add this section within my blog post beneath the links to my pitches. I believe David wants us to take a step back and critically evaluate our pitches, similar to what we did in Week Three. I hope I have been able to add some clarity. Take Care, Jen

    • tomwhyte1 7:38 pm on November 24, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I agree with Jen, it is something I missed in the first assignment, and do not plan on missing this time as well. I do not plan on putting it into my pitch, but it will be part of my overall project. Hope that provides some help.


    • joeltremblay 8:11 pm on November 24, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      A lot of people I’ve spoken to had trouble with it in the first assignment as I myself did. My “difficulty” section is placed into my pitch as part of the sale.

      • tomwhyte1 8:52 pm on November 24, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        “Had Trouble With” is a really nice way of saying, I completely overlooked it in the rubric… stuff I give my students grief for… Oh well, maybe I should be more understanding in the future…


    • jkotler 2:38 am on November 25, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Nureen,

      From what I understand we are also supposed to be submit a self-reflection of our projects in addition to the elevator and venture pitch. I included mine at the end of my venture pitch, but I am sure there are other ways to do so.

      Hope that helps!


    • visramn 3:49 pm on November 25, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks for the clarification. 🙂


  • Paula Poodwan 5:52 pm on November 9, 2012
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    Hi David,   I just want to make sure I understand your instructions correctly for Assignment 4. Do we grade ourselves based on the A4 Rubric or do you grade us based on our participation description? Thanks in advance for your clarification. Paula

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    • David Vogt 11:20 am on November 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Paula –

      Sorry for missing your question until my weekly round-up. The answer is, “yes”.

      Ultimately I’d love to institute a reliable ‘social’ process for grading participation in the course, meaning that your own sincere evaluation of your contributions to the cohort, calibrated in some way by the crowd, and relative to it, would serve as your A4 grade. However, I don’t believe this is practical yet, and it may not be for some time (anybody have any brilliant suggestions for making this work now?).

      So your A4 submission is your own assessment of your contribution, relative to the cohort, and I’ll refer to this as I review my record of your actual contributions. I will then assign an A4 grade.



    • Patrick Pichette 2:29 pm on November 17, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      One of the biggest hurdles in the participation grade is in the tool that was used to encourage participation. I have never participated in a 20+ person blog before and have to admit that given the choice, I would prefer not having the experience again. 🙂 Personally, I found it rather dizzying trying to navigate and relocate posts I had contributed to or conversations I wanted to follow.

      It’s been an interesting approach to creating an online presence but I’ve felt completely lost for most of the semester as I struggled to find the topics I wanted to follow. If anything, I would highly recommend moving the majority of the discussions to a discussion forum as opposed to a blog. Where discussion forums have an advantage are in its use of a hub model that provides a very organized structure to allow students to easily locate and follow topics of interest. Often, there are also subscription options that students can use to receive notifications of contributions to topics of interest.

      As for how to evaluate participation, I think that depends on what you desire to evaluate. My recommendation would be to include a main topic each week for which a contribution is expected from your students. As your current structure involves students contributing to a great deal of the content through the weekly technology topics, you could also have each group create a post for which all students would have to provide an insightful response. I really liked this student-centred approach as it felt as though we had a great deal of impact on the direction discussions could be taken and I imagine it makes for a very unique footprint left by each cohort. I’ve also seen a few courses for which students are asked to contribute a response to a two classmates’ assignments contribution as part of their participation grade. I found this really valuable as it allowed me to obtain a few different perspectives on my contribution to further direct me in the knowledge construction process.

  • Suhayl Patel 7:57 am on October 14, 2012
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    Hi all, I was woindering if anyone knows where we are supposed to post assignment 1.

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  • teacherben 9:03 pm on October 10, 2012
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    I just finished my A1 presentation and could use a little feedback.  I did it as a Prezi.  As it turns out, Prezi can be incredibly time-consuming–jeez!  (I probably could have written the essay in half the time.) If anyone has the time to have a look and share their thoughts, I would appreciate it: […]

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    • jenniferschubertubc 3:57 am on October 11, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Ben!

      I am getting an error message when I try to access your Prezi. (Something went wrong – We could not load a media file in your Prezi). I would love to take a look at it! Hopefully you can get the media issue resolved. Good luck!


      • jenniferschubertubc 6:06 am on October 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        It must have been a glitch on Prezi’s end as everything appears fine now. I quite enjoyed your Prezi! Sometimes it can be a difficult medium to work with as it is time consuming, but the results are often very impressive (as they are in your case). I found your presentation focused and informative without being oversaturated with unnecessary info. Your presentation moved along smoothly and was easy to navigate, unlike some of my first experiences, both making and viewing, Prezi works. There is very little to critique here!

        Thank you for creating an attention grabbing, informative presentation. (I want to try out gamesalad now!) Well done.

    • teacherben 7:49 am on October 11, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Jen. Thanks. I’m not sure what the problem is. I just opened it with 3 different browsers just by clicking on the link and it worked for me. Are your plugins all up-to-date?

      If you still can’t view it, I put a downloadable, offline version in my GDrive that you should be able to get from here:

      It’s about 45MB, I think.

      Any feedback would be appreciated.


    • visramn 8:30 am on October 11, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Ben,

      I have to agree with you. I chose to use Prezi also and it is a lot of work. I looked at your presentation and I thought it was very good. You did a good job of explaining what the ventrue is, where it stands in the market, etc. Looks like you covered all the bases. Well done.


    • frank 11:58 am on October 11, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Ben,

      I don’t have a critical assessment to offer you right now.
      I just wanted to say, I enjoyed going through your presentation, which I found simple to navigate through and informative. Prezi adds a feel of interactivity to presentations that I think is missing from MS Office tools. It was worth your time to learn the progam, and i think your presentation has benefited from it. Keep up the good work.

    • tomwhyte1 7:52 pm on October 11, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I did not get an error message, therefore I am wondering if it was something internal at Prezi which has since been resolved.

      As for the presentation, I like the comprehensiveness of your thoughts, and the area’s you explored. I am wrestling with a potential market analysis paper, and found some of the topics you touched on to be very similar.

    • lullings 9:11 am on October 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Nice work Ben,

      At the end I was hoping that the last action would come out and it was going to spell Ben or salad or something cool like that.

      You did well segmenting the delivery without loosing the content.
      Really liked the founders bit with the pictures – nice reminder that there are real people behind these things.


    • Peggy Lawson 10:09 pm on October 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I really liked it Ben – well done.

      Like any other media, really, Prezi does take a lot of work to do it well. You have a lot there, and it has a good flow and a consistent presentation, the latter which is often lacking in Prezis. You have a lot of information, too often lacking in Prezis, but I still found it easy to follow along. A nice mix of links to follow for further exploration. I loved the vertical flow within your major topics – a very nice way to connect the major sections.

      I will look forward to going back to explore the details, Nicely done!


    • jenbarker 10:40 am on October 13, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for sharing. I really liked how you organized your information, headed by six questions. I am doing something similar using the cube as my guide. I found your Prezi answered all of the dimensions of the cube. I liked the mix of text and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • C. Ranson 4:58 am on October 14, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Ben,

      Your Prezi presentation is very effective, was helpful in helping me sort out some of my thoughts that were all over the place. Prezi is an interesting application, I find it frustrating but I am sure with repeated use it gets easier. It appears you have included all the content that is required according to the rubric, including the reflection piece and the time requirement. Really enjoyed your presentation, thanks for sharing.

  • Peggy Lawson 6:02 pm on October 6, 2012
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    I thought I had seen it somewhere, but I’ll admit that it’s easy for me to lose items of interest in the blog format. I’m looking for the list of weekly presentaitons for the market analysis presentations.

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  • teacherben 6:38 pm on September 19, 2012
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    When we are submitting assignments, such as this weeks pitch reviews, whether we add our stuff as a ‘new post’ or as a reply to someone who got there first?  I guess we can’t add tags to a reply (gotta check that) but otherwise it looks the same to me.  Will this make a difference […]

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    • David Vogt 2:25 pm on September 23, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Ben –

      A new post is like a new conversation – if it is a substantial new direction then please launch it and go, otherwise reply to an existing conversation and enhance it with pertinent new ideas.

      I do read everything, so it doesn’t the placement of post/reply has almost zero impact on your participation – they are equivalent. However, I’m assuming most people will have a few original posts and a number of replies during the course.



  • Doug Connery 6:59 pm on September 17, 2012
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    Tags: pitch pool, ratings   

    Quick question David in regards to the pitch pool ratings. Do we rate all pitches or just the ones that we will do an analysis of?   Doug.

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    • David Vogt 9:42 pm on September 17, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks, Doug –

      You’re welcome to review, analyse and rate as many Elevator Pitches as your attention and interest will permit, but the activity only requests you to analyse and rate two (2) of them. The rest are there primarily to give you choice and recreation.



  • Doug Connery 1:49 pm on September 16, 2012
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    Hi David:   Just skimming through the week 3 material and it refers to a Pitch Pool, but I can’t see it. Will you be adding it soon?   Doug.

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    • David Vogt 3:29 pm on September 16, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Doug –

      I was just trying to follow my own protocols by not publishing all of the Week 3 materials before Week 2 was essentially complete, and thereby upsetting our continuity. The Pitch Pool posts are now in place – click on the “Pitch Pool” category to the right to access them.


    • Doug Connery 4:18 pm on September 16, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks David, I see them now, sorry for jumping the gun.


  • jenbarker 8:28 am on September 16, 2012
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    As I am not as tech savvy as many of you, so I was wondering if you could help me out.   For Assignment #1 I was hoping to create a digital video with a mix of still frames (similar to a screen you might see on a PowerPoint with text/images) and a screencast.  Is […]

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    • supatel 4:09 pm on September 16, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Jen,

      Sounds like you have a really engaging presentation planned. Regardless of whether you have a mac or pc, you could simply use the stock moviemaker/imovie to create what you want. You can add slide into one of the frames in between the video.

      Feel free to ask if you need some help or have some more questions.

    • jenbarker 4:55 pm on September 16, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks Suhayl. I am familiar with iMovie and I know how to do the still frames. Do you recommend a particular program to do a screencast? I only know Jing. When it comes time to importing the screencast into iMovie I may seek your help. I appreciate you willingness to support a fellow student.

  • jenbarker 5:59 pm on September 12, 2012
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    Today I spoke with a UBC student who had previously taken an online course.  This person recommended to me that I respond to other’s posts in both my online classes as often as possible.  They recommended even adding small comments such as “great point” because instructors check the actual number of times you respond and […]

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    • Doug Connery 7:08 pm on September 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Jen:

      In my experience with MET courses, quality is valued over quantity. Check out the Rubric provided for Assignment 4 which covers participation to guide you along through the discussions.


    • teacherben 7:14 pm on September 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I would agree with Doug. Say something interesting (or controversial) that generates a lot of responses and further discussion and you will be in good stead. And to be honest, don’t worry too much about your grades. Class averages in every course I have taken save one have been above 80%.

    • David Vogt 8:40 pm on September 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I concur. “Filler” comments may be noted, but only negatively. Please remember that I’ve got to struggle with the volume as well, so any dip in quality is annoying and memorable in the wrong way.

      Given the number of tools and plug-ins available in WordPress, we could easily implement a system where everyone could ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ other peoples’ contributions, completely anonymously. This could potentially resolve the ‘filler’ issue, but I’m guessing it would also cause more social unrest and ‘gaming’ behaviours than we’d want. Thoughts?

    • jenbarker 9:59 pm on September 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks for all the responses. David, I am glad to hear that what I heard was just a “rumour” and that this online course (as I hope is the case with other courses in MET) value quality. Doug, I did look at the rubric again this afternoon and it was helpful. I like the part about adding links to our most valuable comments.

    • Peggy Lawson 6:16 pm on September 13, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I’ve always thoughougly enjoyed my MET discussions. Now in my 9th class I appreciate, as David mentioned in his Online Manners post, posts that:

      * add to the conversion; are not just an “I agree!” type of comment (but never say never – there are always exceptions)
      * are generally kept brief. I can be bad for long, rambling posts but try very hard to avoid.
      * the poster takes time to proof-read before posting – and edits out excess content if possible
      * are sometimes slightly off-topic, but produce great discussions in an equally useful – or more so – direction.

      I’ll add one more thing. Our simple usenames that head our posts are often cryptic. I often find it nice if we add our real name to each posts, so we can reply to a real name.


    • jenniferschubertubc 9:57 am on September 18, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Running the risk of a slap on the knuckles, “I agree” with Peggy…

      This class is my 7th (or 8th, as I’m taking two this semester), and I have found that although I prefer to create a multimedia project or, sometimes, even write a research paper, the bulk of my learning has come through discussion. I am a bit introverted by nature, so putting my own thoughts out there to be “judged” (not in actuality of course, but often in my own head) can be a bit nerve wracking, overwhelming and difficult. However, doing so in such a non-threatening environment that fosters discussion has been overwhelming helpful not only in sharing my thoughts for forming and reforming them as a result of ongoing communication.

      That obviously cannot be done through simple “I agree”s.

      I also must admit that I enjoy when a thread goes just a little off topic. I have been able to learn about my classmates, which I feel is something that people can easily disregard in the online environment if always solely focusing on the topic at hand. Hearing about how it fits into their teaching or their lives always brings an extra bit of humanity in, and thankfully so!


  • adi 3:35 pm on September 10, 2012
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    Tags: , non-profit, pitch   

    Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone out there can clarify some doubts I have regarding non-profit online educational ventures. In particular, I am referring to the Khan Academy (mentioned in Section 2.1). 1) Would this be considered an OER? 2) They have a lot of permanent staff and a career’s section that promises […]

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    • jenbarker 6:26 pm on September 10, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Great questions… funny enough, the question as to whether or not the Khan Academy is non-profit came up at a family dinner last night. My father-in-law saw an interview with Khan on television. I would be interested in the answer to your questions. I saw the same documentary and I think they are selling programs to districts for teachers to use in the classroom. Knowing this, I skeptically assume they must be making some profit. Best, Jen

    • jenbarker 10:38 pm on September 10, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Maybe it is a social enterprise?

    • David Vogt 11:30 am on September 11, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Regardless of the Khan Academy specifics, which I don’t know, the answer to the title question, “How do non-profits survive?” is relatively easy to answer.

      Every corporate entity has a business model. A for-profit corporation has a business model that is designed to generate profit for its shareholders/stakeholders. A non-profit corporation has a business model designed to generate other kinds of value for its stakeholders. And there are social enterprises that mix profit with other values.

      Non-profits survive by being paid for delivering their value, which is usually some form of public good. Their sources of income are typically donors, sponsors, foundations, governments and the general public. They also typically have tax and other advantages to support their viability. If they have any cash left after delivery (nominally a ‘profit’) they are legally bound to reinvest this in creating more/better value. When income drops, so does value delivery.

      So for-profits and non-profits both live or die based on the quality of the products they deliver, and the value proposition they present to prospective ‘customers’ of their products.

      And while there is no perfect oversight of any kind of corporation, it is very difficult to get away with ‘faking’ a non-profit status – this is a very low percentage proposition.

      Hope this helps,


      • tomwhyte1 12:31 pm on September 12, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        Thank you for this information, very informative and enlightening.

        Also answers my own questions between the two.

  • adi 9:24 pm on September 9, 2012
    0 votes

    Hi, Has anyone been able to open this rubric? I wasn’t able to. Cheers, Adriana

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  • Paula Poodwan 11:04 am on September 8, 2012
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      I notice that even after I have logged into the UBC blog site, when I click Poll and then Emerging Market Polls, it sometimes takes me to the class of May 2012’s Emerging Poll. Anybody have the same problem?

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    • visramn 12:49 am on September 9, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      This happened to me as well. I navigated back to the original link and it went away. Not sure why that is happening.

    • C. Ranson 2:24 pm on September 9, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Paula,

      Yes, it seems to flip back to May 2012 class. I just keep going back to our site.


    • David Vogt 4:43 pm on September 10, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Well it worked for me, but may have been a residual dead link. Anyway, I think this is corrected now. Thanks

  • jenbarker 2:20 pm on September 5, 2012
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    Tags: Calendar, Week   

    Silly question, but here goes… When does Week One end and Week Two begin?   Is the end of the week considered Sunday and therefore all assignments for that week due by midnight on each Sunday?   I don’t plan to be last minute with my assignments or posts but just want to be clear […]

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    • Doug Connery 6:29 pm on September 6, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Jen:

      Based on previous courses, Sunday is the end of the week, however David has the final say and the final hour/minute when things are due!


    • jenbarker 9:23 pm on September 6, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks Doug! Also, I am correct that there are no assigned reading this week? We just have the introduction and poll to do?

    • manny 9:24 am on September 8, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Jen, In past courses I have noticed that week 1 is usually introductions. The course usually kicks off in week 2 and you will soon hope it was week 1 again. hehehe

    • David Vogt 4:55 pm on September 10, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Thanks for your help on this, guys. Each week formally ends at 12 midnight Sunday (Pacific time zone)…


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