How do non-profits survive?


I just wanted to see if anyone out there can clarify some doubts I have regarding non-profit online educational ventures. In particular, I am referring to the Khan Academy (mentioned in Section 2.1).

1) Would this be considered an OER?
2) They have a lot of permanent staff and a career’s section that promises good wages and perks; how can they afford this? Who decides who get paid what?
3) They ask for donations on their site, but I also read they have received very generous donations from Google ($2 million) and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ($1.5 million). My doubts here are:
– What profile does a venture have to have to be considered non-profit?
– Do they pay taxes?
– How can people be sure they are truly non-profit?
4) Are we supposed to be doing a pitch on a non-profit venture we think would be good? And if so, why would someone want to invest $1 million dollars if it’s non-profit?

For the business minded I apologize if these questions are somewhat obvious; I just want to make sure I understand before I decide on my venture.


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