Hi everyone!

My name is Laura and this is my final semester in the MET Program. I am currently working for an online public school in beautiful Victoria, BC. I feel very fortunate to work in an environment that supports flexible learning.

Before I entered the teaching profession I spent a number of years working in the field of environmental science. I loved the technical nature of the work and had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects from sewage recycling to bird and agricultural research. I am interested in exploring how I can combine my passion for technical projects with education in the future. Although my entrepreneurial experience is very limited I am very much looking forward to exploring opportunities throughout this course. I saved this course until the end, like dessert, as I think it will be something to savour.

In my spare time I enjoy all things outdoors – skiing, running, kayaking, gardening, tennis and sitting at the beach reading a good book (or having a nap!).

I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better this semester.

Best wishes,


kayakbeach2 tentclarke

These photos are from one of my favourite places – Clarke Island in the Broken Group – a great place to have a nap on the beach.



Hello everyone,

My name is Ana, and this is my second MET course. Life has been quite busy with teaching Math online as well as developing Math courses for a First Nation Internet high school here in Ontario.

Three months ago, a little baby Matteo came into my life and made it that much richer… and busier, as I resumed with teaching three days after his arrival.

My academic background is in applied Math and I have taught this subject in Ontario, the UK, and briefly in South Africa. My interest in integration of technology in Math instruction has led me to earn a Specialist in Integration of ICT in the classroom. Of course, BEd. came before this designation and well after my BSc.

This summer I will be instructing international students at the University of Toronto for the seventh “summer off” in a row. These summer experiences are quite fun as I get to go back to a more “traditional” classroom and be reminded of what it’s like to have a classroom with actual physical space.

I am looking forward to working with all of you and learning about technology ventures in education so I can better my professional practice. Who knows, maybe we come up with something better than GeoGebra   🙂 (jk) Good luck to all and see you in class!

(…For serious climbers only!)




Hello Everyone,

Introductions are not my strong point but I will give it a shot… I currently reside in Calgary, AB. I moved here shortly after spending a year both teaching and travelling in Asia. I can’t believe I have been here three years already. I am originally from Nanaimo, BC but have been in Alberta for almost 10 years off and on. I received my BA and BEd from the University of Alberta and unfortunately moved to Calgary at the worst time for teacher, 3 years ago. With that being said the lack of opportunity in teaching lead me to alternative opportunities. I am currently the Team Lead of Project and Training for the Office of the Registrar at SAIT Polytechnic. I enjoy my work a lot as it give me a broader perspective of post-secondary education, the administration side that few see. Being at SAIT has given me the opportunity to pursue this Masters program. This is my seventh course and should be finishing April 2015. In my spare time I like to be as active as possible, play softball, volleyball, basketball, snowboarding, skateboarding and biking. I volunteer for a couple music festivals here in Calgary: Folk Fest and Sled Island with the focus on the volunteering being that of environmental sensitivity. I am big into music and art and am starting a blog on urban art in Calgary as the scene is quite small and emerging. I have attached a couple photos that took from Sled Island Music Festival 2 years ago.

I look forward to learning from everyone in the class and experiencing a new avenue for online learning.IMG_0073IMG_0075 IMG_0072



Through the University of Alberta I have completed my BA and  BEd, and am half way through UBC’s MET program with graduation scheduled for August 2015. Since receiving my BEd, I have taught in French Immersion programs in Alberta. I am currently teaching Grade 4 French Immersion, in addition to being our school’s French Immersion Coordinator.
Our province is in the process of curriculum redesign and I am a member of a prototyping committee for FLA K-3. The process has been hardwork, yet extremely rewarding and has provided me with a greater appreciation and insight into the many layers of collaboration and consultation required in the development of curriculum, particularly when undertaking all subjects at once.
In addition to technology, experiential education is another passion I bring to my classroom and will be the subject of my final research project. The pictures I have provided illustrate examples of students learning through experiential education.
      DSCN0568                  P1020027                    100_6549
ETEC 522 has made its way into my schedule for several reasons. One being that it actually fit into my schedule. Secondly, the innovative and technological elements mentioned in the summary piqued my interest. I anticipate that I will continue on the steep incline of learning that my ETEC courses have consistently provided.

Hello! DavidP here…

Welcome ETEC 522 students. We’re looking forward to working with you all over the next 13 weeks.

A good part of the curriculum and content for ETEC 522 is generated through collaborative engagement during this course. We welcome your ideas and are eager to see how the class will steer the direction of the 2014 version.

One of my first recommendations would be for you to consider an offline RSS reader, a web browser RSS plugin, or an app for iPad or Android to help you manage your reading of both course content and colleague interactions.

A few are listed below. I use a Mac, iPad and Android tablet so, I’ve equipped all my gear for the task.

Please choose your own RSS reader and configure it right away with the course URL:

We look forwarding to interacting with you all.


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Hello from Calgary


My name is Naomi.  I live in Calgary, AB and this is my 7th MET course.  I currently wear a number of hats including professional and workskills trainer, EAL (English as an Additional Language Instructor) to adult immigrants and IELTS examiner.  My real interest lies in adult education and workplace learning, and my dream is to someday have 1 job 🙂 working in this field.  I am very excited about the topics and projects we are going to cover in this course, especially assignment 3.  A recent Linkedin discussion focused on what skills people thought instructional designers lacked and the top two were project management and selling skills.  So this course has me feeling goosebumps!  Now it would be really interesting if we could bring in a Dragon (CBC show) and see if they would invest in our ventures:)  Anyway., I’m looking forward to working with all of you

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Greetings from Beijing

Hey everyone,

I am currently enrolled in my fourth ETEC course and am really looking forward to this course. It is probably the area of the #edtech field that intrigues me the most. I have worked for a number of non-profit organizations back home and have become passionate about the benefits and rewards that social media can bring to any sort of campaign.

The past two years I was seconded by my district in southern New Brunswick to work as a technology mentor; teaching teachers and working with administrators and district office staff to find technology based solutions to different programs and systems. With the changes in education this past year, there are very few new projects on the go. This influenced me to take a bit of a year leave from work and teach at an International School in Beijing. My new role is teaching design technology to middle school students using the MYP Design Technology curriculum. Using the design cycle is an amazing way to introduce students to different programs and software and I am already finding a lot of value in my experience.

I very excited to get started in this course and am excited for the fall semester. I have attached a photo of myself and the local chef at the halal restaurant down my street.

Phil Sweezey