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Virtual Reality Series: Kelp Types & Zonation

Virtual reality ocean ecosystem created in Photoshop for the UBC Faculty of Earth and Ocean Systems, using real textures, few of my photographs taken from the beach, Photoshop paint brushes, bits and pieces, adjustment tools. I’ve used the same photo montage as in my previous posts, whereas this time the emphasis is on the types of kelp.

Learning Japanese Course – Caricature Set

Hand-drawn caricatures for a Japanese online course
I’ve custom hand-drawn these caricatures for a Japanese Online course. They were meant to describe different physical appearances and actions. These are just some of the visuals designed for the Japanese courses which have won the “Award of Excellence in Education” from Canadian Network of Innovation in Education.

George – The Lambeosaurus

Mesozoic Earth - Time of the Dinosaurs
Since George the dinosaur (Lamberosaurus to be more specific) is so famous already, I have extracted ‘him’ from the museum’s wall (masked out in Photoshop) and came up with this design for an Earth & Ocean Sciences online course. I’ve then put together a course navigation icon set to match the look and feel.

UBC Pacific Museum of Earth – 360 VR Tour

Virtual tour of the UBC Pacific Museum of Earth
As a Google trained and accredited photographer I’ve had the exciting opportunity to photograph the Pacific Museum of Earth’s tour. Please visit its fantastic collection of rocks and gems and… meet George, the dinosaur. You can also navigate the museum using 3D VR glasses. The set of navigation icons were used in a pilot project using overlays, on top of the virtual tour. Students will be able to learn about specific exhibits in depth, by seeing related documentaries, 3d videos, reading articles, or answer quizzes while virtually visiting the museum. Here’s the direct link to the dinosaur’s location. Copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar and navigate from there by following the arrows with your mouse pointer. You can rotate in any direction in the 360 space: http://goo.gl/maps/5rVNvbACQ132

Virtual Soil Science Logo

Virtual Soil Science logo. "From the ground to the web". Visit www.soilweb.ca
Virtual Soil Science chosen logo. “From the ground to the web” is the motto. The cute little flower has its petals made of computer mice and it’s spreading wireless data waves out there. I’ve designed this using Adobe Illustrator.
It was in fact Prof. Dr. Maja Krzic’s vision which I have helped to materialize. Don’t forget to visit www.soilweb.ca to learn a thing or two about the fascinating soil science. The free soil science online resources project has been a tremendous team effort led by Dr. Krzik which has rightfully won a bunch of awards, including one for Excellence and Innovation in Graphics and Web Design from Canadian Network of Innovation in Education.