Consulting Opportunity: School District 40 New Westminster – school nourishment program request for foodservice consultant


School District 40 New Westminster is hiring a foodservice consultant to assist with re-engineering foodservice operations within the District.  It is part of a very exciting initiative to develop a district-wide plan to address food security and healthy eating.   This plan would make food programs available to all New Westminster schools so that no child is hungry and every child eats healthy.   

A tentative 3 year rollout is being recommended for New Westminster Schools.  Re-engineering foodservice operations requires specific knowledge and skills. The level of expertise required to move to the next steps goes beyond what the School District is able to do in-house.   

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Solicitation Number FS001: 

Be sure to open up the “supplier attachments” folder which lists the detailed Expression of Interest with deliverables and School Nourishment Review Report.  

All inquiries should be directed to Dave Crowe:

604 517 – 6288 

CLOSING DATE:  May 23, 2018, 14:00

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