Call for Nominations: Schmidt Science Fellowships


INTERNAL Deadline – July 17th, 2020 

Call for Nominations: Schmidt Science Fellowships

The Schmidt Science Fellows program aims to provide the next generation of scientific leaders and innovators with an exceptional opportunity.  Fellows receive a stipend of $100,000 and are supported to pursue a one year postdoctoral placement at a world-leading laboratory anywhere in the world in a disciplinary pivot from their PhD.

UBC is one of 100 universities worldwide that have each been invited to nominate students to the international competition.  In 2019, 20 Schmidt Science Fellows were selected to be recipients globally.

Each UBC graduate program is invited to submit 1 nomination to the university-wide competition. Given the highly competitive nature of this opportunity, graduate programs should nominate only an exceptional individual who will stand out amongst top candidates from around the world.

Value: $100,000 for one year
Application deadline: Set by graduate program.  Applicants must submit their application to their UBC graduate program.
Graduate program nomination deadline: 29 July 2020 at 4:00 pm

For further information about the opportunity, such as eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria and application procedures, please visit our webpage:  The contact for this funding opportunity is Natalie Thorson (

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