Networking 101

OMG. I just had the craziest couple weeks. It was full of quizzes, midterms and psych papers. But what I loved most about my week was the Mech Engineering Networking Event that was held at the wicked new alumni center. This was a fun-filled evening in which I just got to talk to a bunch of faculty and staff members and have a good time. The best part was that the UBC alumni were invited. This was particularly awesome because all the alumni work for cool companies so it was a great opportunity to network myself for potential co-op jobs. I cannot stress how valuable it is to network yourself during your undergrad. You maximize your chances of finding a job if you have a great network. The alumni event was so cool because they had all sorts of food and drinks available for you, so it was a great time to grab a beer with a prof. Along with food, drinks and faculty, the event also included a great tour of the alumni center which has been given the gold LEED standard award. That’s kind of a big deal. This means we are slaying the sustainability competition. Siddhant out. Peace

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