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Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting – it has been a crazy few weeks here in Mech (to be expected, but yet, you never quite get used to it).

On Friday, I had to submit a 300 page technical report for MECH 328 (Mechanical Engineering Design Project). The project this year was to propose design modifications to the Martin 16, a sailing boat used by disabled sailors, for the Disabled Sailing Association. The project was really interesting and open-ended. We were given suggestions for areas of improvement, but the actual designs were up to us as students. The project was meant to mimic a real-life engineering project. We worked in teams of 6-8 and had weekly briefing meetings with our “supervisors” (a professor and T.A).

Unlike the project in MECH 223 (2nd year design project), this project revolved around paper prototypes. This means that no physical prototyping was required, but was still an option. Most of the prototypes consisted of iterations of calculations and simulations. Now that the report is finished, the next part of the project is to do an oral presentation. That’s coming up this Friday and shouldn’t be too bad!

On another note, last Friday, the Club Mech executives got together to get our executive/ex-officios group photos done. We all met up at Evangelos Photography studio on West Broadway and Balaclava. We took a variety of photos – from very serious to super silly. Keep an eye out the Club Mech Facebook page to see the photos. Afterwards, we hit up the Coppertank to relax and start our weekend!

What did you all do this weekend?


On another note: 32 days until Christmas!!

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