Jason Hu

Mechanical Engineering 2019
Mechatronics Option

A little bit about me…
It wasn’t easy picking up the wrench in a crowd of stethoscopes. In fact, 26 years passed before I accepted my childhood fixation with machinery – it turns out life is better-driven by one’s passions than external expectations. Before UBC, I explored careers in forensic pathology and clinical research, which only cemented my preference for more-tangible, creative challenges. These days I spend my free time learning about Formula vehicle dynamics, kayak maneuvers, and tying the perfect fly.

I wish I had known before I came…
that they weren’t kidding about the brilliance in MECH. Seriously, your classmates are impressive people — get to know them! There are always new perspectives to add to discussion and unlocking that breadth of experience is key in solving those “where do we even start?” problems.

I chose mechanical engineering because…
it ticked all the boxes, which took years in various STEM jobs to flesh out. Don’t worry if you’re coming into the program box-less though; the beauty of engineering is in the diversity of work available to you. Find the courses and extracurriculars that best suit your interests now and don’t be afraid to switch career paths as those interests change.

For high school students: if you’re looking to tackle multidisciplinary, world-changing problems with strong demand for creativity, give Applied Science a hard look.

Mechanical engineering at UBC in one word…


What I like best about my program…                                                            
Alongside the “Why?” and “How?” of science, engineering often provides the “Why not” and “How not”. Working around design constraints requires inspired thinking and team efforts. Plus, what other program imbues you with the tools to build your own toys? From kayaks to CNC machines to jewellery production, MECH brings technology to your fingertips.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved with…

  • Formula UBC – Drivetrain Subteam Lead
  • ASME UBC Student Section – Chair
  • Club Mech – 3rd Year Rep and E-Week Designer
  • Soccer, violin, fishing, paddling
  • Long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners

Favourite moment/memory so far…
This one time I got eight hours of sleep in a single night. That was neat.

Seriously though, the first ignition and launch of the Formula race car is exhilarating every year.


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