Venerable Sooksanti


Teaches: Middle Way Meditation

Venerable Sooksanti Supabhaso or “Luang Phi Sook” is the abbot of the Dhammakaya International Meditation Society of BC in Richmond, BC. “Sook” in Thai means “happiness” and that is exactly what he hopes to teach people about in his meditation classes.¬†With over twenty years of meditation experience, he leads meditation classes multiple times a week at the centre. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Assumption University in Thailand, Luang Phi Sook ordained as a monk in 1998 at the Dhammakaya Temple. Since then, he has been an advisor for university-based meditation clubs in Thailand, and organized training programs for moral development.¬† In 2016, he spent a year in the United States, before settling in Canada in 2017.